About the river falls lodge.

 Arial view of The River Falls Lodge

 You will enjoy the sounds, freshness and the views of the River Nguse

 You will enjoy the astonishing beauty, freshness at your stay

Built a few years ago, by Environmental conservationists,it has quickly became a stopover for people travelling! there is much to know about the river falls lodge.

The river falls lodge is located 10 km off Kabwoya trading center, particulary along Hoima Kagadi Road, 45 km South of Hoima.

Without any doubt, it’s perfect for lunch or accommodation on your route between Murchison Falls and also Kibale NP/Fort Portal.

By all means, our main focus is to offer all our guests exclusive Comfort, Luxury, Serenity, and importantly Great Service! The lodge is calm and peaceful with fantastic views of Bugoma Forest and sounds of the beautiful falls.

In fact River Nguse flows past the lodges’ compound, additionally with it’s fireplace, located just at the Falls top. This indeed makes it a perfect place to totally unwind and relax, away from pressures and stresses of everyday life. 

You can enjoy nature walks to the bottom of the water falls, and when lucky meet the endemic Ugandan mangabeys. The nearby Bugoma forest is wonderful birding destination and many other primates are seen from the lodge. With over 225 bird species including several Guinea-Congo Biome bird species specifically 2 of the noteworthy globally threatened bird species.

Particulary the astonishing beauty and the views of the Bugoma Forest dominating the landscape will remain engraved in your memory. There is much more to know about the river falls lodge, when you choose to stay with us.

we have a standard  built  playground  for mini-golf lovers to enjoy their stay at The River Falls Lodge.

Further more, we have a well organised and a more beautiful place for enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. Our naturally maintained gardens with trees, plants, flowers, birds, and crickets are sure to give you that calming and peaceful atmosphere that is hard to come by in Kagadi’s hustle and bustle! Worry not about parking because we have ensured that all the parking space you need is provided!

The River Falls Lodge Beautiful Compound

 You will enjoy the astonishing beauty, freshness and the views of the River Falls Lodge. Just endeavor to come and spend with us your holiday